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The Snedden Lab Team

Research Director

Professor Wayne Snedden, Principle Investigator



Howard Teresinski

PhD candidate

Howard’s research is focusing on identifying and characterizing novel CML targets in Arabidopsis.

Ryan K.png

Ryan Kilburn

PhD candidate 

(co-supervised with W. Plaxton)

Ryan is studying the dual function of castor RcCDPK1 in abscisic acid signalling and bacterial-type PEP carboxylase phosphorylation.

Rui Huang

PhD student, co-SV with G. DiCenzo

Rui is exploring the molecular mechanisms underlying host specificity in legume/bacterial symbioses.

Bryan Hau

MSc student

Bryan is examining the regulation of Arabidopsis transcription factors by CaM and CMLs.

Kyle Symonds

MSc student

Kyle is looking at the role of CMLs in cytoskeletal function in Arabidopsis.

Lee Raytek

MSc student, co-SV with WC Plaxton

Lee is exploring the role of phosphorylation of the CaM-regulated enzyme, glutamate decarboxylase, in plants.

Former Grad Students (and current affiliations)

Some lab alumni at CSPB Annual Meeting 2016

Former Grad Students

Dr. Jeffrey Waller, Associate professor, Mount Allison University

Dr. Barbara Vanderbeld, Senior program associate, Queen’s University

Dr. Kyle Bender, Post-Doctoral scholar, Zipfel Lab, UZH, Switzerland

Dr. Thomas Defalco, Post-Doctoral scholar, Zipfel Lab, UZH, Switzerland 

Katie Dunning, (co-sv Dr. J Monaghan), Science Specialist, Canadian Food Inspection Agency 

David Maj, Physician

Deni Ogunrinde, Policy analyst, Ontario Hydro, Toronto

Dr. Midhat Ubaid, Post-doctoral scholar,  Cambridge Univ, UK

Dr. David Chiasson, Assistant Professor, St. Mary's Univ, Halifax, Canada

Suzanne Gerdis (coSV W. Plaxton), Research Technician, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa

Lisa Kozial, Research Technician, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa

Polly Lam, Physician

Stephanie Dobney, Dentist

Former Honour’s Students

Alexandra Davidson, Research Technician, Performance Plants Inc

Ben Cameron, Pharmaceutical Rep

Sean Carr, Physician

Kelly Kohut, Genetics Counsellor

Sarah Keatley, Technician, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Jamie Moise, Technician, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Julie Kim, Graduate student University Toronto

Ryan Kilburn, PhD student, Queen’s

Deni Ogunrinde, Policy Analyst, Ontario Hydro

Ainslee Smith, Nurse

Mackenzie Tummers, Cinematographer

Tiffany Watson, dietician

Greg Dodge, Physician

Dan Rosenbaum, Physician

Yan Yu, Rhodes Scholar, Physician

Lauren Grubb, Graduate student, Sainsbury Lab, UK

Matt Watson, Research technician, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Dasha Vlassov, Technical applications specialist, Luminex Corp

Kaeli Johnson, PhD, Grant Development Manager, Rothamsted, UK

Josh Polling, Physician

Vivian Li, grad student, Univ Manitoba

Micah Grupert Van Iderstine, med student

Connor Scholl, Grad student, Queen's

Bryan Hau, MSc student, Queen's

Claudia Venevongsa, 

Lee Raytek, MSc student, Queen's

Haoran Jia

Jessica/Cristi Chong, high school teacher

Danushka Seneviratne, PDF, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville Fla, USA

Hayley Lipworth, Research technician, Sunnybrook Hospital

Mike Wilton, Lecturer, UC, Santa Barbara, USA

Dominique Morneau, senior editor BioMed Central

Jacklyn Wincup, Financial Analyst

Katie Greenham, Assistant Professor, U. Minn, USA

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